Is iOS7 jailbroken yet?


Congrats to Evad3rs on their jailbreak, but it's not open source yet. The prize is still available, and will apply to newer versions of iOS 7 once released.

Help fund the Device Freedom Prize: a crowdfunded reward for the first developer(s) who release an open source iOS 7 jailbreak.



Chris Maury!

Chris Maury

Prize proposer and accessibility advocate
Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow

Co-editor of Boing Boing, Author, and DMCA Activist
Kyle Wiens

Kyle Wiens

Co-founder and CEO, iFixit
Biella Coleman

Biella Coleman

Professor and Author of Coding Freedom

Why we're doing this

We strongly believe that users should have the freedom to control their devices. We wanted an open source jailbreak for iOS 7, giving users the capability to install what they want on their own devices and the ability to audit the code they're using to do so. Jailbreaking is also critical to ensuring that the disabled are able to use their mobile devices as easily as possible. So we started a prize for the first people who can do it.

Read more about why device freedom and reform to the DMCA's anti-circumvention provisions matter at, in Chilling Effect's FAQs about anti-circumvention, and at

Criteria for claiming the prize

The jailbreak must:

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How it works

Submissions should be sent to [email protected] and include links to source code and functioning binaries. The prize panel will review all submissions to ensure that they meet the prize criteria. The prize will go to the first person or group that creates and submits a successful solution.


The contributions will be split as follows: 90% of the prize fund will be paid out to the winning submission. 10% will go toward payment processing (2.9% + 30¢ for credit cards), Threshold platform fees (5%), and donations to EFF and Public Knowledge (remainder).

If no one claims the prize within 18 months, we will contact all donors and provide instructions as to how to receive a refund. Any remaining funds will be donated to PK and EFF.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] or follow us on Twitter.

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